Q. What is the Scotchgard Vehicle Protection Package?

A. The package includes professionally applied chemicals including Scotchgard Paint Protector, Scotchgard Leather and Vinyl Protector, Scotchgard Carpet Protector, and the Scotchgard Fabric and Vinyl Protector. The products are supported by a guarantee that includes up to 5 years of protection against common interior and exterior blemishes.

Q. What is the difference between the Scotchgard™ Vehicle Protection Package and the products I can buy at retail establishments?

A. The Scotchgard Vehicle Protection products are designed for professional installation with improved durability and adhesion properties. The Scotchgard Paint Protector is a reactive silicon technology that offers superior adhesion and performance for exterior substrates. The interior products are specifically designed to optimize the performance based on various carpet, fabric, and upholstery substrates.

Q. How long does the Scotchgard Vehicle Protection Package last?

A. The products are backed by a guarantee that lasts at least 5 years for new cars or pre-owned new cars. The guarantees vary somewhat by state, so please review the applicable state specific service agreement.

Q. Can I vacuum, wash, or wax over the Scotchgard Vehicle Protection Products?

A. Yes, it is recommended that you continue to maintain your vehicle with the full line of 3M Car Care products, available at Intellifilm.

Q. Is the guarantee transferable?

A. Yes, please review your service agreement for details, but in general the guarantee is transferable for a fee of $25 by calling (800) 813-9926.

Q. What if the product gets on my trim or paneling?

A. The product can be removed by using a clean cloth with warm water.

Q. How does 3M track registration and warranty claims?

A. 3M has developed an electronic registration and claims management website to insure customers get proper service and that our applicators meet compliance and registration procedures.

Q. What if I don’t receive a welcome package in the mail?

A. Please call (800) 813-9926. 3M will make sure that your guarantee was registered correctly and send out a welcome package immediately.