Q. How do 3M Automotive Window Films Work?

A. 3M Automotive Window films are designed to help reduce the amount of solar heat transmission through a window by increasing the solar absorption through the glass and/or by increasing the solar reflection (not necessarily visible light reflection).

Q. What automotive window films does 3M offer?

A. 3M has five different families of window film: dyed, metalized, hybrid, carbon impregnated, and our latest film family, a multilayer nano-technology.

Typical dyed films work primarily through increased absorption. The color absorbs the solar energy at the glass, thus reducing the direct transmission into the vehicle. Dyed films generally have the lowest heat rejection performance and the dye can fade or change with time. The FX-ST films are simple dyed polyester films.

Reflective films are films that have been precision coated with metals. These metalized films are designed to increase the solar energy reflection of the glass and achieve their high performance numbers mainly via reflection. Metalized films generally have a shiny or mirror-like appearance and do not change with time. Also, metalized films can affect the reception of electronic signals inside the vehicle.

A film that is both dyed and metalized is termed a hybrid film. Hybrid films are a balance between dyed and metalized. They reflect solar energy and the dye allows hybrids to have lower visible light reflectivity and a pleasing appearance. However, because of the dye, hybrid films still change with time. The FX-HP films are hybrid polyester films.

Now, our top tier darker colored film family is Color Stable (CS). CS films are actually not dyed, metalized, or hybrid in construction. We use proprietary manufacturing techniques to impregnate carbon nano-particles into the film when the polyester is liquid. So rather than place a dye or metal on top of the film, the color and performance are actually inside CS films. We get the performance of a metalized film without the metal.

The latest innovation from the company that invented window film is 3M Crystalline Automotive Window Films. Superior in quality, these films are innovative, high-technology films that represent a clear breakthrough in automotive solar protection. Developed in our world-leading laboratories, Crystalline films are produced using multilayer optical film combined with precision coated nano-particles. Crystalline films offer high visible light transmission, high heat rejection, and no metals.

Q. How are automotive window films installed?

A. 3M Automotive Window Films are professionally applied by skilled, well-trained authorized 3M Dealer personnel at Intellifilm. All of our automotive films are installed onto the inside of the glass.

Q. Can I install 3M Automotive Window Films myself?

A. No, 3M Automotive Window Films require professional application. Our 3M authorized dealer/applicators are thoroughly trained and experienced in performing high quality work. In this way, our customers enjoy the benefits of films and have the comfort of the 3M Automotive Window Film warranty.

Q. How long does it take for the film to dry?

A. 3M Automotive Window Films are installed using a soapy water solution. While the majority of this water is removed during installation, some will be left between the glass and film and this water must evaporate out through the film. This water will disappear as the film dries, depending upon the film type and weather conditions, drying may take as long as 3 days.

Q. How do I clean my automotive window film?

A. After the film is completely dry, at least 3 days after installation, you may clean the film using normal household glass cleaning solutions and a soft, lint-free cloth or towel. Abrasive cleaners or towels which could scratch or damage the film should not be used.

Q. How do I remove the old film from my windows?

A. 3M Automotive Window Films are designed to bond the film to the window glass for many years. We highly recommend returning to Intellifilm for film removal as this can be labor intensive, depending upon the age and type of film. Rear windows can be especially troublesome and the rear defroster can be damaged or destroyed if the film is not removed correctly.

Q. Does 3M manufacture the films?

A. This may seem an odd question; however, there are some competitive dealers that wish to confuse our customers with the boldest and strongest of claims. In the forty (40) years since we invented window film, there have been many imitators and imposters. However, there is only one company that has ever made 3M Automotive Window Films and that, or course, is 3M. We offer the genuine article and back it with the genuine warranty.

Q. What is the warranty for 3M Automotive Window Films?

A. 3M Automotive Window Films are warranted to maintain their solar properties without bubbling, peeling, cracking, or crazing and many of our films are warranted against discoloration too. Should the product be proved to be defective, 3M and Intellifilm will replace the film and provide reapplication free of charge. Please contact Intellifilm for a copy of the warranties.